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29th March 2009

12:26am: Simple Pleasures
Smokey pine! Sandalwood! A crowd of chow puppies all around me in a red cloud of sniffing and nipping and eyelashes!

2nd May 2007

8:51pm: "Straight lines are the devil's tools."

1st May 2007

1:50pm: I was still awesome back in 2003. What happened?

19th March 2007

5:49pm: Poison sumac!

7th January 2007

9:51pm: i love baby dogs.

22nd December 2006


"I had to go have my picture taken for the purposes of Harcourt Brace. They were all bad. (The pictures.) The one I sent looked as if I had just bitten my grandmother and that this was one of my few pleasures, but the rest were worse."

9th December 2006

10:37pm: my top five words at the moment are:
owlginger (this is the name of my dog)

28th October 2006

5:04pm: and i'm television sick and i'm television crazy

26th October 2006

4:23am: Poupée de cire, poupée de son!

17th October 2006

5:49pm: I'm restless and cold!

23rd September 2006

6:17pm: I only feel like talking about things without names. Like maybe occurrences or in-between colors or something like that.

19th April 2006

11:30pm: At least I don't have a fish hook stuck in my throat!

1st April 2006

10:10pm: My whole self hurts because I got run over by a bike yesterday.

14th March 2006

7:10pm: why you should hang out with juice wallis:

"I like to do things that don't take any steps. Everything is one step or two steps. Nothing is no steps."

23rd February 2006

3:47pm: This is my favorite sentence that I read today:

"The fall of a tree overthrown by age, the rushing torrent of a cataract, the lowing of the buffalo, and the howling of the wind were the only sounds which broke the silence of nature."

19th February 2006

8:57pm: Here is a list of my favorite titles of pieces of art, because I feel like looking at them all in a row. I will add some more if I think of them:

Me and My Dumb Bird
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
The Palace at 4 AM
Death and the Maiden
Your Arm's Too Short to Box with God
Homage to the Square
The Bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even
The Marsh Flower, A Sad Human Face
Are They Thinking About the Grape?
Hairy Locomotion
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

11th January 2006

2:59pm: I can't breathe!

2nd October 2005

10:14pm: Xin Jing was enough like going home to make me more happy than homesick for a while. xu hai feng kept saying "fish!" and "Xin Jing!" in the quiet moments and it felt a little bit like it was me saying it. so many smells: jasmine, orange trees, night soil, river, clouds of black smoke, spices, dogs, incense. if i understand my friends correctly, the chinese word for cilantro means "delicious". you got that right.

today someone mistook me for a French person. i'm positive that this is because she saw me when i discovered and read the Rainer Maria Rilke poem at the end of Jimmy Liao's Sound of Colors, and in that moment i literally transformed into Amelie Poulain.

i would be very happy if people sent me pictures and letters:

Hannah Graber
Goshen College Program
Sichuan Normal University
Chengdu, Sichuan 610068
People's Republic of China

28th August 2005

8:38pm: Home has never been on the OTHER side of the world before.

7th August 2005

11:00pm: Did you ever take a giant step, but you couldn't tell whether it was a step forward or a step back?

6th August 2005

5:50am: ap·o·si·o·pe·sis
A sudden breaking off of a thought in the middle of a sentence, as though the speaker were unwilling or unable to continue.

5th August 2005

12:23pm: I have realized that one of the biggest things my parents taught me is: if you don't like something, just pretend it doesn't exist! Simple!

1st August 2005

12:23am: Finally! The month I've been waiting for.

30th July 2005

10:13pm: Grizzly bears sleep (and dream) six months out of every year. Whenever I am reminded of this, I have an intense desire to know what its like to have that kind of life.

A few nights ago, I dreamed about Charlotte. Those are the best dreams. They make me feel like someone dead is talking to me through my sleep. I don't know why.

19th July 2005

12:22pm: the teeth are coming out tomorrow!
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